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Pub Consultancy that specialises in;

Pub Marketing, Pub Training and Events

I help you attract more Customers to your Pub

And put more money in your Tills!
Pub Training
for you  & your Staff

Brand Knowledge

Upselling Techniques

Drinks Presentation

Customer Service


Social Media

Cocktail Training

Pub Consultancy
& Pub Marketing

Pub Training

Marketing Strategy

Social Media

Spirits & Cocktail Development

Regular Events

Sales Analysis

Event Hosting
& Support

Cocktail Nights

Gin Tastings

Rum Tastings

Festival Planning

Social Media Advertising


Bringing you;




Small Wins to give you

instant results

It all starts with a conversation...

I'm not some corporate, off the shelf, one size fits all Pub Consultancy and Pub Marketing Company. I've got the experience to know that each and every Pub is different. Each and every Landlord or Lady, or Manager, have completely different skill sets. Each Pub will have a completely different type of Customer. So it's important that we start our working relationship with a face to face meeting, over coffee, to establish exactly how I can help you.


And that's what I want to do, help you. I LOVE the Pub and Bar industry. It's the focal point of the community. And I want each and every Pub to succeed. That's why we started The Pub Marketing Company. Not only do I have the experience of Running Pubs and Bars. Not only do I have a love of Drinks...mainly Spirits, but Beers, Wines and Soft Drinks get a lot of my attention too. But now I have the experience in running successful Social Media Campaigns. I've got my head around Facebook Advertising. I know how to implement successful Email Campaigns and how to build your lists. I also know how to leverage your WIFI offering so that every single person who uses it will be sending Social Media Traffic to your page. That in itself is Social Media Marketing on Steroids! 

However it does all start with your Spirits offering. In my opinion, they are the key to huge profit increases and one of the most neglected aspects of your business. A simple decent bottle of premium Gin could actually add well over £5k in profit a year. And with proper Training that £5k could easily become £15k to £20k.  Based on an average Village Pub.  And that's just on Gin. Imagine tapping in to the growing Rum trade too. 


If you're not maximising your Spirit & Mixer offering, you're throwing easy money down the sink. Your Customers want to spend more. You just have to let them. 

How we work...

After a chat with you to find out exactly how I can help you attract more Customers each week, I will send you over a Proposal of what I think will be the best plan of action!

The Services I provide are individually priced, meaning you can pick and choose which elements you let me take on. You can simply say you're not interested in some parts, or actually leave other parts for a few months time. Rome wasn't built in a day. I understand Cash Flow is tight, I also understand that you also have peak periods and time is of a premium. But, if I can make small steps and gradually build your Pub Trade over time, I'm more than happy. 

I don't even tie you in to 12 month Contracts! Should you decide to take me up on my ongoing Consultancy, then obviously you're not going to see dramatic changes in one month. So in this respect I'd recommend an initial 6 months...however, the bare minimum I'd take on is 3 months. If you're not seeing even a small tiny improvement in 3 months, then it's clearly not the right fit.

To start the conversation to see how I can help you, just fill in the Form below and i'll get back to you as soon as I can!
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