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Fun, inspirational and practical tailored Bar Staff Training on how to upsell and deliver great spirit-based drinks, with Steve the Barman

SpiritWorks is a great way to educate your Bar Team on everything Spirits related, including Cocktails and get more money in your Tills. Some Bar Staff Training courses can be dull and boring and actually not have that much impact. Steve the Barman and SpiritWorks is different. This covers everything your Team needs. Whether its Cocktail Training, more Brand Knowledge, or Upselling techniques. Steve's passion is infectious and that transfers to the people he's teaching.

Bartender Training and Cocktail Training
Spirit Training for Bartenders
Steve th Barman SpiritWorks

There’s a stunning array of ways in which your team can totally mess up the serving of spirits! A rather sad ‘Gin & Tonic’ with no Ice or Garnish, served in a half pint glass is just the tip of the iceberg.

If you have a nagging thought that your team are missing a trick, and that you could be wowing your customers with amazing Spirit-based Drinks and Cocktails, then you may need some training.

SpiritWorks is a half-day of inspirational ideas, practical tips, and a real boost to your team’s skills.

With over 22 years of experience, I love training & educating, and I share that passion with infectious enthusiasm!

Book your 3 hour Session NOW...

£195 for up to 10 Team Members
Monday to Wednesday availability

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And why not team this training with BeerWorks, to have a full day of fabulous training guaranteed to change behaviour and improve results.
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