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Frequently Asked Questions

Got some questions about our Mobile Cocktail Bar Hire and Bartender Hire services? Hopefully this blog post will answer some of those!

What Numbers can I Cater for?

I LOVE to work with smaller numbers. I don't like the big events of say 80+…mainly because I'm a people person and just love the interaction from the smaller Events. They're more personable and friendly. They also result in a lot of repeat bookings and guests attending also booking me for their own events.

So, on my own, I can handle up to, say 50ish people, but the absolute sweet spot is 25-40 people. That's a really good party for me. However, I also get booked for parties of 8-10.

Do we need a License?

As it's an All-Inclusive Party and paid for up front, you or I don't need a license (TEN) as I'm not selling alcohol on the night. It's a service I provide.

I do have a Personal License though. I am a professional of 22 years.

And I do have Public Liability Insurance too!

How much Space do you need?

I've got different bars and different set ups. Of course I can set up on a Kitchen Table, but let's face it, having a Bar in your house or office is pretty cool. Space wise, give me a bare minimum of 2 metres by 2 metres and I'm happy.

What about Loading and Unloading and set up locations?

I only do ground floor events, with no Steps . (okay 1 or 2 are fine...but!). I have heavy, bulky Bars and Booze. So it's always Ground Floor. If you've told me it's ground floor and I turn up to find it's the first floor, then the chances are I won't do the event .

If you want me in a Back Garden. Awesome. But make sure there is clear access so I can get to it. Again, the Bar units are bulky and can't be easily navigated around tight corners!

The set up location must also be within 25 meters of the Van Parking . Again because I am carrying heavy stuff. You want me in tip top condition to shake my thing. Not recovering in hospital with a hernia! ;-)

Do you need Water and Electricity?

Water, Yes 100%, please. Hot Tap water is fine. And I don't need constant access. Maybe 3-4 times over a 4 hour period. Preferably a deep sink so I can get my 10l Plastic Bottle under it to fill up


Electricity, 1x Plug sock would be awesome. We can get the LEDs on then. Especially in Dark rooms or outdoors after 8/9pm. I do carry a 20m Extension Lead. Elecy is just for lights. I don't need it for anything else.

Do you set time limits?

Yes and No! Hahaha. Sorry! So, while I never set a time limit and while I would never just start packing up after 3 hours for example, I would expect a Party/Event to last approx 4 hours. If it's raging, am I happy to stay for 5?! Yes, of course. It's what I do! Walking out when everyone is in full swing, that's just plain wrong! Would I be happy to stay for 5 hours if I was just twiddling my thumbs?! Probably not. We'd chat.

As a caveat. On the occasions where you've asked my to supply a second Bartender, then as they are Subcontractors, they will charge me by the hour. You can expect to pay £200 for 4 hours ish, then £35/£50 an hour after that. Some will also incur extra travel costs.

Can we set up outside?

Yes. Of course. But I have to warn you, if it rains and I'm outdoors…I do get grumpy and guests complain about watered down drinks ;-)

Do you supply Glassware?

Some companies are different. But, I include Glass Hire Free of Charge in my packages . After all it sets the scene. Nobody wants a Porn Star Martini in a plastic glass, do they?! And I wash them, behind the Bar, as I go.

I supply the full range from Martinis (nice Coupe style glasses) to Mason Jars, decent Flutes, Rocks, Hurricanes (you know, those cool Punch style glasses) and Tall Hiballs. They are also decent sizes…in other words, they last more than 2 mouthfuls. Those companies that use 4oz Martini glasses…why?! I don't get it.

What Cocktails do we get?

That is always down to you. You'll always have 4-6 different ones on your list, which gets printed especially for your event. I use premium spirits and premium mixers. The juices are top of the range. I also carry crazy syrups and purées…look it at like this. I can replicate the cocktails you get served in your top end High Street Bars, in your own homes.

With your quote, you'll get sent an example Cocktail Menu and a List to choose from. Some clients let me use my knowledge and expertise to put together a list.

Other clients like to take charge and request their favourites.

How many Cocktails do we get?

When I quote, I always go for the bare minimum amount. So normally 3 Cocktails per person. This is a very safe amount. No event is ever going to be less than that. This amount is always prepaid in advance.

What if the prepaid limit is not enough?

From here you have a couple of options. And there is no right or wrong. Some previous clients will actually ask to pay for 5 Cocktails per person in advance as they know their guests inside out. They know the Cocktails will all get drunk.

5 per person is the average event if i'm honest. Some people will have 3 each, some will have 7/8!

HOWEVER, if you do want to play it by ear that is fine too. I have an App on my iPad which keeps track of everything served. When the prepaid limit is reached, or close, I chat to you to see what you want to do. Stop...or Carry on. If you want me to carry on, I ALWAYS carry plenty of stock , so it's not a problem. I then invoice for the balance next day.

I also like Gin and Tonics. Can we have those too?!

What started out in 2017 as an additional service, is now a complimentary service! I will include a small G&T Menu to run along side your Cocktail Menu on the night. These come out of your prepaid Drinks Allowance. They're all served as 50ml doubles, in lovely big Gin Balloons, with a complimenting Tonic and Garnish.

Think Hendricks with (wait for it) Cucumber and WATERMELON Tonic and a lovely Cucumber Ribbon. Or Warner Edwards Rhubarb with Mediterranean Tonic and Orange! The Menu chops and changes, but always has the WOW and will have 5/6 Gins for the evening.

Can you supply other NORMAL Drinks?

I'm cool, you can supply your own essential drinks if you want to. Wines, Beers, Bubbly, Softies. That's completely down to you. However, for the completely Hassle Free approach, I can of course supply all this at very reasonable prices! It just saves you time, effort, petrol and the second trip to a supermarket becasue you forgot something the first time round! Come on, we know it'll happen ;-)

What Types of Events do you cater for?

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Hen Parties are the obvious weekend events. I also cater for a lot of midweek corporate entertaining events too. Anything from business celebrations and anniversaries, staff Parties using up your tax allowances, to networking events where you're trying to impress clients. Or, those random family & friends get together evenings where you want something special. There doesn't need to be a reason to have a Party!!

How long does it take to Set Up and Clean Down?

Depending on the size or your event, set up is normally 90 minutes until I'm ready to serve the first drink. And cleaning down…well allow 90 minutes again…but 20 of those are always trying to locate the glasses that made it up in to bedrooms, or in the toilets!

How far do you Travel?

I don’t mind the travel if I'm honest. I love driving. I listen to podcasts and audio books while I'm on the road. And it gives me a chance to wind down before getting in to bed. So no where is really off limits. However, I try to restrict it to at the max, 90 minutes…or 60/70 miles from CB22 (Duxford, Cambs), or PE14 (near Kings Lynn).

I charge 30p per mile to cover fuel and running costs. That's for a round trip.

What is the "Uniform"?

Well as you have probably seen, I'm always on brand. It's always “loud” shirts. I'm not dull and I'm not boring. But I'm also not a black shirt and bow tie kinda Bartender either. I have my niche and that's what previous clients love about me. I get hired becasue of me and my brand, not because I'm any old bartender.

What about any Rubbish?

I can take it away with me. But my preference is to leave it on site if possible. 9 times out of 10, previous clients have said to me, to just leave it there and they'll deal with it.

I'm very good at separating though. Glass Bins, Fruit Bins, Plastic etc.

How and When do we Pay?!

To book Thirst First and Steve the Barman, £100 is required to hold the date. This is non-refundable. Then the remaining full balance is due on the Friday, 14 days ish before you event. It is at this point where we firm up all the details, times, addresses, cocktail choices etc etc.

To pay, being a small Business, BACS is my friend as it's free and instant. However, I do offer Card Facilities and PayPal too, but there will be fees involved and a longer lead time to process payment.

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