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4 Ways Hiring a Mobile Cocktail Bar can help you Market your Business

Cocktails for Corporate Entertaining

Corporate Cocktail Packages

There are many ways to market your business these days. Social Media, Pay Per Click, Printed Media, Email Marketing. They all have their place. But nothing beats good old face to face human interaction. And that’s where a Mobile Cocktail Bar can help. That’s how we can help! We’ve loved helping Businesses over the last few years, because it’s not just about us. We like to think we’ve have had a real positive impact at all the Corporate Events we’ve been booked to attend.

Below are just a few of the ways we can help your business…

1) Staff Parties & Team Building

Many Businesses forget about their staff. Your staff are the linchpin to your business. They are your sales-force. They’re the ones who deal with the customers, the ones who give the first impressions. The ones who can help take your business to the next level. Keeping them happy, making them feel part of the business will only have a positive impact.

So why not treat them to a Christmas Office Party, or a Summer Team Building Cocktail Making Class? Give something back. Give them the opportunity to let their hair down at the company’s expense will show you care. They’ll repay you in spades.

Not only that, the chances of some of the pictures making on to Social Media are pretty high, which also adds to your Business Marketing. Nothing beats the stories from behind the scenes!

2) Business, Product & Book Launches

Launches are all about creating a Buzz about your brand. You need as many people as possible to be speaking about your new offering and that’s where a Mobile Cocktail Bar can come in. Thirst First, or any other Mobile Cocktail Bar company will specialise in creating the buzz for you. Stunning drinks...both visually and taste...and maybe even some tasty Canapés, set the scene for a night to remember. A night that will get people talking and sharing stuff on social media and telling their friends. And that’s what you want to help spread the word.

The idea of a launch is to get as money people in the room as possible to share your story and success. The chances are, without some sort of entertainment and your launch could become just any old event! But stick some Cocktails in the room, some food, maybe a close-up magician and you’ll create something that people WANT to attend.

Oh and as a side note. Cocktails don’t have to be Alcoholic. These days, we do plenty of Mocktail Events. There’s so many ingredients available at the moment that non-alcoholic are just as tasty and amazing as alcoholic!

3) Exhibition Stands

You've spent money on exhibiting at a Business Expo. Whether it’s a local affair, or one of the big shows at Olympia, ExCel or the NEC for example. You have your stand looking good, you have your sales team armed with offers and literature. The doors open, delegates come flooding in, but they just keep walking by because they think they don’t have an interest in what you’re selling. That’s where a Mobile Cocktail Bar comes in and a Bartender with a sparkling personality.

By hiring someone like me to give away free samples, we act as the draw which brings you extra footfall. I’m not going to give you percentages, but trust me, it’s a LOT higher 😉. You just need your sales staff on hand with a smile and a friendly hello and dive in for a chat. In 2015, I helped a company make approx £46,000 worth of sales at a Trade Exhibition...£34,000 up on their previous year which was just your average expo stand!

4) Networking Events

You need to meet people right? Other Businesses. Potential Customers. Potential Investors. What better way than hosting your own networking event. If you’re lucky enough to have a decent office space or a room you can use, a Mobile Cocktail Bar can lay on a Cocktail Reception for you. Not only will it act as an extra draw, more people are likely to turn up if they’re getting a free drink, but it will also put the shyer attendees at ease as well. They’ll feel relaxed and ready to chat, instead of huddling in the corner scared to make eye contact.

But of course, a fun and friendly Bartender can act as a second Host as well. After all, it’s what we do! We can put your guests at ease within minutes, which will leave you free to concentrate on the important stuff like getting to know people, or introduce them to others.

If you give people an event they’ll remember, they’re more likely to remember your business when it comes to needing your kind of service in the future. Or recommending you when a friend or colleague needs your services!

So there you have it. 4 great ways a Mobile Cocktail Bar can help your business. It’s not all about getting people drunk. We can really play a big part of your companies Marketing Strategy.

If you'd like more information about our services, then follow the links;

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