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Taste - The next level of Staying In!

So, last night was the Launch of TASTE. A joint collaboration project between myself and talented Chef, James Howe. I think it’s fair to say our first event was extremely well received.

Let me set the scene. TASTE is a 5 course Tasting Menu devised by James then yours truly has complemented the drinks to match. This all takes place at your Venue…whether that’s your home, a holiday rental, or somewhere else. In fact, anywhere with Cooking facilities! At the moment, we can cater for any party from 6 people, up to about 20 people.

The first Menu we’ve rolled out is James’ “Norfolk Journey”. James being from ooop norf and myself original Cornish, but spending the bulk of my life is South Cambs. Each Dish represents a journey through Norfolk. His Menu has played beautifully in to my Hands. You see, I love a bit of Local. And I LOVE to Educate. So my Drinks are firstly all Gin based, because that’s very much the In thing at the moment. Secondly, all the Gins are Norfolk Gins. I’m using Bullards, Black Shuck, Norfolk Gin and Pell & Co.

For out first Event, we catered for our close family. James’ missus, Megan. My better half, Nikki. Her Parents and 2 of our close friends. We knew these guys would be our biggest critics, but also appreciate what we were trying to do. They are foodies. We wanted to do dry run to see if needed to change anything, change portion sizes, add in things, change the timings etc. But judging the feedback after the meal, it’s fair to say we pretty much nailed it first time out.

We’re pricing it out at £97 per person.

This is an experience to savour!!

This isn’t just a chef and a bartender in the kitchen while a waiter/waitress runs the food. This is a both of us front of house, explaining the dishes and the drinks. This is James sharing techniques and methods he’s used. This is myself talking you through each drink and the history behind it. Not only that, each drink precisely compliments each dish extraordinarily well. And as for the dishes...I tell you what, I was pretty much blown away too. My first experience of James’ culinary skills. He’s good! Very Good.

What could actually be better than having a Restaurant quality meal in the comforts of your own home, without having to lift a finger?! This is definitely the next level of Staying in!

Interested in booking us?

Below is an overview of our trail night in pictures…

And a Video testimonial...

Nikki Butlin, Athena Business Services, Kings Lynn


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