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An Offer! Mobile Cocktail Bar Hire for January & February

A Special Friday Night OFFER to Kick Start 2018!

Friday Night Mobile Cocktail Bar Hire

After Christmas, everyone hits a bit of a lull. Pennies are tight. No one really goes out until the end of January as everyone's still a little partied out. Or so they think! I bet if you had a good reason, you'd be up for a superb night of Fun and Cocktails.

So after 2017's successful promo, I'm bringing it back for 2018!

The Deal

Friday Nights ONLY

in January & February, 2018.

First come first serve!

It's ideally suited to small group of friends, but can equally be upgraded to cater for slightly more guests, should you feel the need to throw a decent Party.

How much does it cost?


What do you get?

Myself as your Bartender

A Bar Unit

Cocktail Glassware


...and 50 Cocktails!

Here's your Menu...

FriYay Cocktail Menu from Steve the Barman

If you want extra Cocktails, no problems. I've got you covered!

Simply add on extra;

75 Cocktails in Total - £395

100 Cocktails in Total - £435

150 Cocktails in Total - £530

(prices include hire fees)


To Book your Friday Night Party

for January and February


I'll happily take on Bookings within the lovely pink circled area below!

Thirst First Mobile Cocktail Bar Coverage Area

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