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Cocktail Making Class in Norfolk

My latest event saw me hired for a Cocktail Making class in Norfolk, Great Massingham to be precise. The event for Jenny's Birthday Party and organised by her brother Andrew. Jenny had absolutely no idea I was coming, I even managed to set up in private while they were all having fun in another part of the house. The screams that ensued upon her opening the door could've probably been heard in the neighbouring village.

Cocktail Making Class in Norfolk

The format of the Masterclass was the same as always. Mojitos, followed by Porn Star Martinis, then a little break. After the break we came back to a Raspberry Collins, an Exotic Passion...then the Grand Finale...the Rum Punch Competition. The whole Masterclass lasted about 2 hours. And the Highlight of the evening was always the Porn Star Martini's!

Cocktail Masterclass Norfolk

Cocktail Making classes are the perfect way to celebrate. I'll be honest, most of them are for Hen Parties and Corporate Events, but i do get booked for the off Birthday Masterclass.

If you'd like more info, or even see if i'm available for your next event, then give me a shout, i'd love to hear from you!

01223 955444


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